Automation in IT Infra operations

Automation is the new trend among various industries and how can IT sector stay untouched. But wait, what are we trying to accomplish with automation in IT infra operations – Automating the manual efforts, obviously. Let’s deep dive and understand it correctly.

Automating the right piece

In my assignment, I observed that people really don’t get the step-by-step approach to automate manual efforts. I would say they don’t actually pick the right candidate to automate. I am referring to a manual task as a candidate throughout this post.

Before automating anything the first step is to identify the tasks where teams are spending most of their times. It is way more simple than we think. If by any means, they are spending numerous hours to just observe utilization of any server, this task should be automated. The end result will be – an automated task. It will give you the utilization trend of any server or process over a specific period of time.

In such a scenario, did we automate any action which team was taking? Obviously not! Then, what is the need to do it? If one person is spending 4-5 hours to get the right data so that he can execute a few minutes of some action, we should really automate the first part, the latter part is optional. Automating the second part will certainly be considered as an end-to-end automation. However, actions may vary for a different set of servers. The analysis efforts usually take more time and need to be automated first.

So we can say that we should carefully look at our current process first. We should divide into parts and then automate every single piece of it. Certainly, we should take a multi-step approach to automate.


To conclude, it doesn’t matter if we are automating the whole task or specific action. The manual effort of the team has reduced. This can certainly make the difference.  This will make us unable to proceed to the next level as the overall process is matured. We can proceed with automating the last piece or the manual action.

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