Virtue Poker – A Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Poker Platform Built on Ethereum

What !!! Did I read it correct? Virtue Poker on Peer-to-Peer Ethereum platform?

Yea, that’s ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Lets go through it.

There are tons of online gambling or poker websites out there. It’s a multi-billion industry and it is expected to grow to over $50 billion by 2021. But unfortunately this industry is subject to uncountable scandals and there are many people out there. The current system is lacking transparency which is limiting its absolute growth. In other words, there are many disadvantages in the current online poker marketplace.

What is Virtue Poker?

It is a Virtue Poker platform which is more transparent and trustworthy. This is due to the nature of blockchain. The aim of this virtual poker platform is to fix the broken poker economy by creating the safest and secure online poker platform. It is a server-less application and will run without storing customer funds.

Virtue Poker has several other benefits also. It will reduce player costs and will create a balanced poker ecosystem. It also eliminates the Player deposit risk as it is stored on the distributed network. You just need to hold your horses as it is expected to launch by the end of 2018.

User Flow

  1. Download Virtue Poker Client – A client for Windows, Mac or Linux. It will include multiple inbuilt components.
  2. Registration – Users will register themselves by creating a uPort identity.
  3. Fund a Light Wallet – Users will then fund the light wallet.
  4. Create or Join a Game – Self-explanatory 🙂
  5. Buy-In – In this step, users will join the game by sending ETH to the table address of the game. The table or smart contract will sit on the Ethereum blockchain.
  6. Gameplay – Each player will play the game with other members online.
  7. Payout – Once a tournament is completed, the table contract will auto-execute and payout each player.


You can check out here.

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