Thats called Diversity | Microsoft hiring candidates diagnosed with Autism

Microsoft started pilot program to hire candidates who are diagnosed with Autism disorder. Those candidates may not clear the first round of interview in any organization but by rejecting them we are missing the actual talent. By taking this initiative, Microsoft is proving the actual meaning of Diversity.

They are actually blessed with this unique disorder which turns them to see what a normal healthy human being cannot even imagine. There are already so many individuals out there who are excelling in science or mathematics. Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein are the known individuals and the great examples. However they all died before this disorder became known.

The point here is that we are watching this thing as a disorder just because they dont have the ability to mixup with our daily social life. Or we can say that we dont have the ability to see what they can see. There are around 1 percent of total popluation of the world and 80 percent of them are unemployed just because we are not able to see their talent.

We are healthy or peoples like them who proved them as Genius are healthy. Which is true ?

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