Four Financial Benefits of Cloud Technology

Small business owners face many non-negotiable capital investments, but technology doesn’t have to be one of them. By opting for cloud IT services for things like email, productivity apps, storage and collaboration tools, you can realize a number of financial benefits.

1. Right-size IT spending. With cloud services, you pay on a subscription basis for what you use. It’s easy to add or subtract users – a particular benefit if your business needs to scale up or down on a seasonal basis.

2. Make IT an operating cost, not a capital expense. Small businesses no longer need to buy the same expensive server hardware that large companies can much more easily afford. Physical email servers and the resulting electric bills used to be a significant expense for the small business, which educates people on how to make the right investment decisions. Looking for a more cost effective solution, the owners chose Microsoft Office 365, a subscription-based cloud service providing email, instant messaging, on-demand web and video conferencing and productivity applications. As a result, the business cut IT costs by an amazing 80 percent.

3. Let IT experts handle your IT. Business owners are busy running their business. By moving to the cloud, small businesses can offload the bulk of their IT management to the service provider instead of doing it themselves.

4. Always have the latest and greatest version of your technology. A cloud service is always up-to-date with the latest versions of software, including security patches and service packs, eliminating the need to refresh your software every couple years.


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