Benefits of Service Provisioning

A Cloud Pack package contains the fabric management artifacts required to deploy a workload such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server, or Active Directory in a rapid, repeatable, data-driven manner. Data-driven deployments allow a common set of automation artifacts to deploy your unique customer/tenant/scenario environments simply by modifying the configuration data.

The potential benefits include:

  • Driving consistency into your automation and deployment processes, raising the quality bar
  • Enabling unattended installation and configuration of the service offering
  • Reducing time-to-deploy and speeding time-to-market
  • Focusing your resources on planning, designing, and implementing the value-added capabilities of each service offering

To deliver the solution that best aligns with your portfolio strategy, MCS (Microsoft Consulting Services) provides:

Solution Alignment Workshops: MCS Consultants will share the technical requirements and dependencies and solicit information about your current processes, capabilities, and environment to guide you through the issues, concerns, and decisions.

Cloud Packs: These packages provide structured deployment guidance, a consistent deployment framework, and application-specific automation artifacts. They aid the automated deployment of scalable and supportable structured architectures that can help lower operating and support costs.

Rapid Assessment Program as a Service: Support agent-less collection of configuration and operations data. Introduce innovative analysis to determine alignment with Microsoft structured architecture guidance. Results reports can serve as a measurable benchmark to validate the deployed environment.

Related Offerings

Service Envisioning: Using industry benchmarks and analysis of the fixed and variable costs, Microsoft Consulting Services works with you to plan and build a business case for launching a new workload service in the market.

Service Onboarding: With standard and effective identity, fabric, and fabric management patterns as well as hardened security models, Microsoft Consulting Services assists both you and your customers in helping to make the transition to a new service simple and more secure.

Service Integration: MCS can assist you in integrating your new service into billing, portal, and service catalog systems.


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