How to recover deleted contacts and calender items

In many situations we used Recover Deleted Items to recover emails. In Outlook 2010, you will not find any option to recover deleted items (except mail items). There is no Registry key to enable this option. You can follow the instructions below to add the Recover Deleted Items options to the Folders Section of your Ribbon for all Folders regardless of what they contain.

If you are in mail items folder, you can easily find the Recover Deleted Items.

Recover Deleted Items-1

In non-mail items (calendar, contacts, etc.), this option is no longer available. If you Shift+Del below contact, how would you get it back ?

recover deleted items-2

Click on File button, and then open options.

Recover Deleted Items-3

On the right-hand side add a New Group under the Folder main tab and rename it.

Recover Deleted Items-4

Select Recover Deleted Items option and click Add > >, to your newly created custom group.

Recover Deleted Items-5

You will now see Recover Deleted Items option icon on all Folders.

Recover Deleted Items-6

Click on the button to see the deleted item.

Recover Deleted Items-7

Click on recover and you will see that your items has now restored.

Recover Deleted Items-8

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